Janet Tiffany

When Janet Tiffany turned 70 years old she walked the state of Iowa, alone. She had decided that she better do something interesting, for no better reason than to say that she had done it. In 2017, from April to September Janet walked 10 mile days from the Missouri border to the Minnesota border. With her husband in tow and a couple of friends in a follow vehicle, she took mostly country roads and some bicycle paths to get her from the bottom of the state to the top. If you ask her, nothing about her journey was all that extra ordinary, she would even say it was mostly pretty boring. But when she had finished, those who know her shared in her triumph, even baked her a cake with a special victory message, and dropped it off on her doorstep to surprise her at the finish line. However, Janet would never know what the cake said… The neighborhood cat decided to help itself to the celebration a little early.

Here’s to people like Janet, those of us just east of ordinary.