Kyle Tester

Kyle works and lives at Wilson’s Orchard. He spends his days maintaining the over 20,000 apple trees and over 100 acres of rolling orchard hills and valleys,¬†under his care. His introduction to farming started with his Uncle’s and Grandfather’s farms which are mostly dedicated to corn and soy beans. Work at the apple farm offers a little extra space to breath. Instead of planting fence line to fence line, apple trees dot the landscape in not so tidy rows, with room for native plant and insect populations to thrive — letting the good guys take care of the bad guys. Every once and awhile he finds evidence of wildlife making its way through the orchard, a deer hoof here, a fox or mink den there.

Kyle’s dedication to practicing the kind of farming that both produces a hearty crop, and also protects a diverse eco-scape is just one of the things that maked him just east of ordinary.